Alstom software chosen by UK generator

8 October 2002 – Alstom has won a contract with UK generator Enfield Energy Centre Limited to supply its e-terragenesisplus trading and asset data management system.

Enfield Energy, based at Enfield, Middlesex, runs a 396 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant selling energy into the UK market through the UK’s electricity trading arrangements.

Switching from its previous supplier, Enfield Energy will now use the e-terragenesisplus, supplied by Alstom’s Transmission and Distribution Sector, to carry out all the functions and more needed for trading energy in the UK. This includes managing commercial asset data, submitting contract notifications, checking the forward contract reports, generating and submitting physical notifications and balancing mechanism bids and offers, monitoring balancing mechanism activity and, most importantly, checking settlements payments.

Chris Ford, Commercial Manager at Enfield Energy, said: “Having seen demonstrations both on Alstom’s test system and live at one of its customer’s sites, we decided it was time to adopt a professional-looking system that meets all our current needs and gives us a platform with which we can move forward.”

He added: “Switching to a system with good customer references and an active user group meant we could confidently change to e-terragenesisplus. E-terragenesisplus enables us to operate far more efficiently under NETA than we have been able to do since Go-live.”

Laurent Demortier, Senior Vice President of Alstom Transmission & Distribution Sector’s Energy Automation and Information business, said: “This represents a significant sale for Alstom and reinforces our view that e-terragenesisplus is the market-leading solution for managing assets and contract notifications in the UK wholesale power market. We are looking forward to a long and close relationship with Enfield Energy.

“By choosing e-terragenesisplus Enfield Energy will now have the ability to perform robust contract notifications, automatically capture UKPX transactions and check the Market Operator’s settlement information against locally held data.”

The Enfield plant is driven by Alstom’s GT26B combustion turbine, which is rated at 255 MW. The heat recovery steam generator is a natural circulation, triple pressure reheat unit with its output feeding a 140 MW steam turbine operating at 1710 psi, 1050?F. NOx emissions are controlled to 25 ppm to meet the requirements imposed by a city location in proximity to the Epping Forest.

The project includes an eight-mile, high-pressure natural gas pipeline, connecting the facility with Transco’s National Transportation System network. The pipeline is amply sized to provide for expansion or local gas sales. Natural gas is supplied from offshore fields through a long term, firm price arrangement with BG Exploration & Production.

Electrical interconnection is provided by underground, 132 kv cables to the adjacent Brimsdown substation. The plant became fully commercial in early 2002 and is operated as a merchant facility in conformance with the NETA operating rules, which allows the plant output to be sold on the open market. When the plant was synchronized in the summer of 1999, it was the lowest cost generator in the UK system. In addition, the location of the plant in the London load center will provide important system support to the grid.

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