Alstom (ALO) and its consortium partner, Hydrochina Huadong Engineering Corp., have signed a contract worth about $23.6m, with Vietnam Electricity, to provide electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for the Song Bung 4 hydropower project in Vietnam.

According to the contract, Alstom and its Chinese partner will provide two 78 MW Francis turbine-generator sets and related equipment (balance of plant) for this project.

The scope of the contract covers the equipment’s design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and testing.

Located 43 kilometers from Danang city, Song Bung 4 Hydro Power Plant is one of the main hydropower projects on Vietnam’s Bung River and when completed will supply power to the central Vietnamese grid.

Manufactured at Alstom’s hydropower brand new industrial facility in Tianjin, China, the first turbine unit will be put in operation by 2014. Tianjin Alstom Hydro is Alstom’s largest hydropower manufacturing base and it is a leading supplier of equipment in China and across Asia.

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