26 November 2002 – Alstom has won its first order for its new 30MW GT10C industrial gas turbine, to be delivered to a new NGL (Natural Gas Liquefaction) process plant in Port Said, Egypt.

The United Gas Derivatives Company (UGDC) own the plant, a special-purpose company owned in equal parts by the Oil & Gas majors AGIP, BP Egypt and GASCO. The Engineering Contractor is ENPPI (Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries).

Alstom’s order comprises two GT10C mechanical drive gas turbines from the industrial gas turbine manufacturing facility in Finspong, Sweden, and the waste heat recovery unit from Alstom UK. Alstom is supplying the equipment to Siemens, the prime vendor in the project, and each GT10C turbine will be used to drive a Siemens 12 MV5A direct-drive, single-body, centrifugal compressor.

The plant, which will come on line in the third quarter of 2004, is important for the Egyptian national economy, being designed to process 1100 million standard cubic feet of gas per day from the Egyptian national gas grid to produce commercial propane, future ethane for the petrochemical industry, sales gas, liquefied propane gas and condensate for a variety of commercial applications.

The GT10C (29MW in power generation and 30MW in mechanical drive applications) has been commercially available since June this year. Its overall design is based on the established 25MW GT10B, with some features incorporated from the 43MW GTX100. Based on proven technology, the GT10C is designed for maximal reliability and minimal operation costs. Its compact package design allows for rapid delivery and installation.

The two GT10C turbines have a delivery schedule of 11 months and 12 months ex works from the Finspong unit.

Alexis Fries, Senior Vice President of Alstom, and Head of the Power Sector, says: “It is very satisfying to see a new product materialise from the concept stage. The GT10C was developed to fill the gap in the Alstom industrial gas turbine range and to meet the growing market need for reliable power with superior environmental performance in this range. The GT10C has already been extensively tested at Alstom’s full scale test facility in Finspong and we are satisfied that there will be a smooth transition to commercial operation.”