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Alstom lead rehab of Zambia’s principal hydro plant

17 October 2002 – A consortium led by French Swedish engineering group Alstom has been awarded an €13m contract by Zesco Ltd., the Electricity Supply Corporation of Zambia, to carry out rehabilitation work on the generators and switchgear of the Kafue Gorge Hydro Power Station.

The 6 x 150 MW hydroelectric facility is located on the Kafue River, approximately 100 km south of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Alstom will supply and install new static excitation equipment, excitation control and on-line diagnostic measurement systems, and also refurbish the generator stators and rotor coils. ABB Switzerland as a consortium member will be responsible for the upgrade of the generator switchgear.

Alstom’s Hydro Unit in the UK will manage the project, with equipment supplied from the company’s manufacturing facility in France. The work is expected to be completed in 22 months.

Built in the seventies, with all six units housed in an underground machine hall, the Kafue Gorge Hydropower Station is the primary station in the Zambian grid network. This additional investment, funded by a World Bank loan, will help bring the power station to higher levels of reliability and safety. The contract includes options for further major rehabilitation work.

This latest contract in Zambia won by Alstom is in addition to the three Hydro projects presently under execution in the country: the refurbishment of the Kafue Gorge control system and electrical balance of plant and the turnkey refurbishment of Victoria Falls and Kariba North. “The string of successes in Zambia reaffirms Alstom’s commitment to the local market and the viability of rehabilitation as a means to increase plant output and efficiency whilst preserving the environment,” said Alstom in a statement.