Alstom Indonesian O & M contract extended

28 November 2002 – Alstom has been awarded a six-year extension of an existing operation and maintenance contract for the Sengkang gas-fired combined cycle power plant, located on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The contract was placed by PT Energy Sengkang (PTES).

The contract covers full operation and daily maintenance, as well as all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the total plant. Availability, output and heat rate guarantees are included.

The original six-year contract expires in September 2003. PTES chose to extend it because they are pleased with Alstom’s service to date. Over the term of the current contract, plant performance and availability figures have been maintained well above guaranteed levels.

Sengkang is a multishaft combined-cycle plant built around two site-rated 42.5MW GT8C gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and a steam turbine site-rated at 50MW. Total plant output amounts to 135MW. Sengkang is currently the largest thermal power plant on the island and, under a power purchase agreement, electricity is supplied to the Sulawesi grid. The new contract places PTES in an excellent position to cope with the steadily increasing demand for power produced from the plant.

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