Alstom’s Thermal Services unit in Hungary has completed the retrofit and upgrade of the complete steam turbine island and associated balance of plant of unit 8 of the Dunamenti gas fired power plant owned by GDF Suez.

The modernization project, to match new steam data following the installation of a gas turbine from another vendor, has helped raise the unit’s output from 215 MW to more than 400 MW. Efficiency has been increased by more than 20 percentage points, up from 36 per cent to 57 per cent.

“Alstom is proud to have been a part of the rehabilitation of Hungary’s biggest power plant,” said László Deák, Alstom Hungary’s country president. “This upgrade will be a key example of the services we can provide to upgrade the power generation fleet in Hungary.”

This project was a brown field investment, whereby steam turbine island unit 8 was modernized by using the power plant’s existing infrastructure. Alstom replaced the high-pressure steam turbine in unit 8 with a high performance new module and upgraded the medium- and low-pressure cylinders, the generator and the balance of plant to enable the turbo group and its auxiliaries to operate in a highly efficient combined cycle mode.

Dunamenti has a capacity of 1736 MW provided by six 215 MW steam turbine units and two other combined cycle and cogeneration units. Retrofitting unit 8 was part of a wider rehabilitation programme by GDF Suez to reduce the plant’s environmental impact.

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