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Alstom celebrates Tempest turbine milestone

8 July 2002 – Alstom said today that its Tempest industrial gas turbine which it launched in 1975 had clocked up half a million operating hours.

The Tempest was originally launched in as a single-shaft machine for power generation and cogeneration applications rated at 7.70MW(e). In 2001, the turbine was given a power uprate to 7.90MW(e) which was achieved by control parameter adjustments with no changes made to mechanical components, hardware or materials.

The first units entered commercial operation at a cogeneration site in Turkey in 1997 and total operating experience at this site has now surpassed 35 000 hours. With the recent order to supply a unit for a cogeneration scheme in Germany, total sales of the Tempest reached 50 units sold into 20 countries. The milestone of operating hours was achieved by the 32 units which are operational to date.

In addition to use in cogeneration applications, the Tempest has also become established as a source of power generation for the oil & gas industry. Ten units have been sold for onshore oil & gas installations and offshore platforms. The Tempest is also being packaged for Power Rentals at the Alstom’s Industrial Turbine facility in Houston, USA.

Many of the Tempests sold incorporate Alstom’s dry low emissions (DLE) combustion system. Of the total half-million operating hours, 300 000 have been achieved on DLE engines in gas only, liquid only and dual fuel configurations.

The Tempest is one of the range of industrial gas turbines up to 15 MW which are manufactured at Alstom’s facility in Lincoln, UK. Other turbines in the range are the Typhoon, Tornado and Cyclone.