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Alstom and ADA-ES to jointly market mercury control systems

2 December 2002 – Alstom and ADA Environmental Solutions, LLC have entered into an exclusive relationship to market systems for mercury removal from power plants and other facilities.

In response to pending US State and Federal legislation for mercury emission control, Alstom and ADA-ES will provide overall turnkey solutions for mercury control, including guaranteed performance. Such solutions may include all equipment required, including carbon storage and injection equipment, particulate collection equipment or redesign /rebuild/conversion of existing equipment, monitoring equipment, and even guaranteed supply of powdered activated carbon (PAC).

The partnership will focus on providing the required equipment and modifications to achieve up to 90 per cent removal of mercury meeting all applicable standards. The partnership will combine ADA-ES’s leading technology position in PAC-based mercury removal with Alstom’s technology in particulate collection (Electrostatic Precipitators and Fabric Filters) and Alstom’s experience in mercury removal in the waste-to-energy business.

Philippe Cochet, Managing Director of Alstom’s Global Environmental Control Systems business, comments: “This business relationship combines a technology leader in PAC utilisation and supply with Alstom’s leadership position in the technology of particulate collection. Together we can provide the power industry and others with the most economical, integrated systems to meet the pending regulatory requirements. Our focus is to integrate the mercury capture through utilisation of integrated pollution control devices that minimise the impact on the generator.”

Mike Durham, CEO of ADA-ES comments: “We are pleased to share in a partnership that combines ADEA-ES technology and carbon supply resources with Alstom’s global reach and size. The full-scale experience we have gained through several DOE sponsored projects gives us an outstanding position to meet the growing market. This partnership affords a unique opportunity to provide total mercury capture solutions that are efficient, reliable, and guaranteed.”

Alstom is the world leader in the air pollution control arena, with environmental equipment installed on over 200 000 MW of power plants.