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Alstom agree Korea and Bahrain contracts

25 April 2002 – International power equipment and Transportation group Alstom today announced the signing of power-related contracts in Bahrain and South Korea.


The Middle East contract is from Alba Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C and is for the upgrade and reconditioning of a gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant at Manama, Bahrain.

The contract refers to the first of a total of six GT13D3 gas turbines and covers the implementation of a turbine upgrade as well as reconditioning services for both the original rotor and the stator components.

The turbine upgrade comprises new rotor and stator blading as well as a new vane carrier and will be implemented during a scheduled major overhaul and at the end of the life-cycle time for most of the components, resulting in maximum cost efficiency for the customer.

The implemented turbine upgrade will give the customer the benefit of reduced life cycle costs as well as increased power output to keep up with his expanded aluminium production.

The Alstom-built combined-cycle plant is based on two blocks, each comprising three natural-gas-fired, 80 MW site-rated GT13D3 type gas turbines and a 110 MW steam turbine. Under a power purchase agreement, the customer supplies – from a total plant summer capacity of 1284 MW – about 250 MW to the national grid during the summer season, whilst the remaining electricity is consumed by the customer’s own aluminium production facility.


Alstom and LG Power Co. Ltd of Korea have signed a ten-year, long-term Service Agreement for a gas-fired, combined-cycle plant in Anyang, a suburb of Korea’s capital Seoul.

The exclusive contract covers the supply of new and reconditioned spares for the hot gas path. The contractually agreed scope of supply can be extended either on customer demand or on Alstom’s advice as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to ensure quality and safety of the equipment. In addition to spares, Alstom will also provide manpower on customer request.

This contract is the result of the customer’s decision to commit to OEM quality for reliable spare parts.

This Alstom-built combined-cycle power plant has been in commercial operation since 1992. With four GT11N gas turbines and one steam turbine, the IPP power plant features an overall capacity of 452 MW and delivers power to Korea’s national grid. Simultaneously, a portion of the generated process steam is used for district heating.