Aggreko wins 200 MW power project in Sri Lanka

27 May 2002 – UK temporary power provider Aggreko has been awarded new contracts to supply 100 MW at four substations for the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) in Sri Lanka, bring to 200 MW the total orders received from the CEB this year.

In February this year Aggreko signed contracts with CEB to supply a total of 100 MW at four substations in the nation’s capital. These substations are Kosgama and Kotugoda (40 MW and 25 MW), Peliyagoda (20 MW) and Ambatale (15 MW), where the power supplied is predominately consumed by the Colombo water treatment facility.

New contracts for a further 100 MW have now been awarded to Aggreko. Under these new agreements Aggreko is supplying power to four additional locations and has increased the capacity at two of the existing substations, Kosgama and Kotugoda, by 5 MW and 15 MW respectively.

The four new locations are at Seethawaka (40 MW), Mathugama (20 MW), Aniyakanda (8 MW) and Walanagoda (12 MW). Power packages of different sizes have been installed at all eight locations to match the power capacity and voltage requirements of the substations through which the grid is being fed, as some substations operate at 11 kV and others at 33 kV.

According to Derek Shepherd, Managing Director, Aggreko International, the latest award makes it one of the largest and most technically challenging contracts for Aggreko International Power Projects.

“This is an excellent project for Aggreko International. Our successful completion of similar projects in 1996 and 2000 was an important factor in the award of the major share of the total emergency power required by the Government of Sri Lanka. Our previous experience in Sri Lanka will help us deliver these contracts even more effectively and provide the additional power in the shortest possible timescales,” he said and continued: “Once again Aggreko has demonstrated its ability to deliver major project in very short timescales. In this case, Aggreko was delivering all 200 MW of power to the Sri Lanka grid with 8 weeks of signing the contracts.”

This is the third time that Aggreko has provided power in Sri Lanka. In 2000/01 Aggreko supplied a total of 98 MW at four different sites and a total of 93 MW at five different sites during 1996/97.

All the contracts were awarded to Aggreko as the result of two separate rounds of public tendering. This process included a structured point scoring system to determine the most appropriate company to fulfil these contracts. Despite intense competition, Aggreko was able to build on its extensive and proven experience in Sri Lanka to submit the most competitive tenders and to win this new business.

Equipment for the project has been supplied from across the Aggreko global network – Australia, Singapore, USA, UK and Dubai. Personnel at the Aggreko Service and Repair Center, based in Jebel Ali, UAE, have been working around-the-clock to prepare the equipment, which was transported by sea and air to Sri Lanka.

Through March and April an eight-member commissioning team has been working to ensure that all the sites were prepared and that the equipment was commissioned in time to meet the contract deadlines.

The company is also responsible for all aspects of the fuel management contract, including negotiation with the fuel supplier (Ceylon Petroleum Corporation), transportation and management of the diesel fuel to point-of-use on site.

Aggreko International Power Projects was specifically formed by Aggreko to handle multi-megawatt temporary power projects, and is the world leader in providing power solutions to satisfy the most demanding needs of customers in all continents of the world.

Aggreko power solutions include generators, load banks, transformers, fuel tanks, cables and switchgear. In addition, Aggreko provides comprehensive project design planning, installation, commissioning and operating services and 24-hour onsite service and maintenance support.

Sri Lanka generates two thirds of its electricity from water. Five years of failed monsoons have seen the number of power cuts increase, averaging from two to four hours a day. To provide short-term relief during the ongoing power shortages in Sri Lanka, Aggreko provides continuous power every day of the week into various substations in and around Colombo.

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