Aggreko International Power Projects (AIPP) has just signed a second extension on each of the three contracts it has with the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) in Sri Lanka. Under the contracts, Aggreko currently supplies the CEB with temporary power units producing 58MW in three separate locations.

The latest agreement comes in the wake of an earlier extension that was signed in August 2000. The contract, which is now being extended, was finalised in January 2000 and is providing essential power to supplement the local grid on three sites around Colombo.

Sri Lanka is dependent on hydroelectric power as the main source of electricity supply. Due to lack of rainfall, the water levels in the reservoirs have become too low to generate sufficient quantities of electricity.

AIPP is a dedicated business unit of the Glasgow-based global power solutions provider Aggreko plc. AIPP operates out of the UAE, and was specifically formed to handle muti-megawatt temporary projects, supplying generators, load banks, transformers, fuel tanks, cables and switchgear. AIPP will be providing the CEB with on-site engineers who will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

Aggreko’s relationship with the CEB dates back to 1996/7 when the company responded to a power crisis, brought about by the Sri Lankan drought, by providing 93MW of temporary power on five sites.

Last month, Aggreko won the prestigious Scottish Engineering Award in recognition of the achievements of the company’s design and assembly centre, based at Dumbarton. Over the last three years, Aggreko’s earnings have grown by almost 80 per cent with turnover from operations in more than 60 countries totalling close to �300 million ($432 million) in 2000.