Aggreko launches mobile cooling towers

Onsite power specialist Aggreko has unveiled a new series of mobile cooling towers.

The company has launched what it calls the Global Cooling Tower (GT) Series, its first mobile and modular cooling tower which is designed “to support and increase efficiency for customers operating in an increasingly decentralized and digitalized energy market”.

It is designed to reduce customer energy costs and save space on industrial sites and is built into a standard shipping container frame so it can be installed quickly and easily on new sites, or integrated as part of existing projects typically within a few days after delivery.

To support the frame, Aggreko has developed new extendable legs, housed within the frame, which can adjust the height of the cooling tower, based on customer need and application.

Currently available in two sizes, the GT-40 and GT-20 cooling towers can be lifted with a forklift or crane, and transported by road, rail, ship or air. Aggreko says this can reduce customer shipping costs by up to 40 per cent and offers a 25 per cent smaller footprint when compared to current towers.à‚ 

Bill Carrick, Aggreko’s Director of Temperature Control, said: “As energy markets continue to transition, Aggreko remains committed to the ongoing technology investment and innovation that best suits changing customer needs.”à‚ 

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