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Accident damages Vestas offshore test wind turbine

Nov. 5, 2002 — Vestas has reported that an accident damaged one of its offshore test wind turbines. On Nov. 4, 2002, an accident occurred with a Vestas V80-2.0 MW offshore test turbine, which is located at Tjàƒ¦reborg in Denmark.

In relatively low wind speed, a failure occurred in the control system. The failure caused the turbine to over-speed. The safety system that has to stop the turbine in such a situation failed. Thereafter, the turbine’s secondary emergency system stopped the turbine immediately.

Due to the high-speed rotation, the blades were too exposed to loads. Therefore, all three blades were damaged.

The failure in the test turbine’s safety system has occurred due to a human failure in connection with changes made to the turbine’s controller on 24 October 2002. The failure is limited to this single turbine.

In connection with the accident, the similar type of turbines at Horns Reef were stopped for safety reasons until the cause of failure has been identified. As the cause of failure is now identified and solely related to the test turbine at Tjàƒ¦reborg, it has been decided to restart the turbines at Horns Reef.

Based on the accident, Vestas has decided to enjoin the procedure for changes to test turbines in order to avoid the same type of failure occurring again.

Vestas emphasises that the failure in the test turbine at Tjàƒ¦reborg is an isolated incident. Therefore, there is no risk for finding the same type of failure in other Vestas V80 turbines.

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