100 kW fuel cell CHP unit operates for a year in Italy

Thanks to a system availability of 99.5% the Siemens ‘CHP100’ unit operates at an overall efficiency of between 70% and 80%, says the company, or an electrical efficiency of up to 46%. The system has therefore demonstrated a potential superiority in efficiency to a gas turbine or to an internal combustion engine, adds Siemens. During this one year of operation, the GTT team has confirmed that the operation is stable and reliable, including dealing with variations in pipeline natural gas composition.

Britain’s Rolls-Royce has signed a US$20 million contract to supply two RB211-6761 Dry Low Emission (DLE) gas turbine generating sets to power a combined cycle heat and power plant that will provide electricity and heating to a new industrial park in the town of Levice, Slovakia.

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