NEW ORLEANS, March 11, 2002 — Entergy Corp. announced that it will undertake a coal mine methane offset project based in the eastern United States.

The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 400,000 metric tonnes through 2005. Portland-based North West Fuel Development is the project developer.

“This project is part of Entergy’s environmental initiative to respond to the threat of global warming in a positive and responsible way,” said Dr. Marty Smith, Entergy’s climate change coordinator. As part of the project, Entergy will help fund the installation of an additional 600 kilowatts of methane-fueled power generation at the site of a sealed coal mine in Cadiz, Ohio.

In offsets involving coal mine methane, methane vented from abandoned underground coal mines is captured and converted into electricity or upgraded to pipeline quality for use with natural gas. Methane is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide and contributes to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to the risk of climate change.

In May 2001, Entergy became the first U. S. utility company to publicly announce a commitment to voluntarily stabilize its domestic greenhouse gas emissions and to develop a long-term target to achieve additional reductions.

Portland-based North West Fuel Development, a developer of technologies for coal mine methane, will execute and manage the projects under a long-term contract. Trexler and Associates, also of Portland and a climate change mitigation services provider and project developer, advised Entergy on evaluation and selection of the project, and on the selection of North West Fuel Development to implement the project.

Entergy is a major global energy company with power production, distribution operations and related diversified services. Entergy owns, manages, or invests in power plants generating more than 30,000 megawatts of electricity domestically and internationally, and delivers electricity to about 2.6 million customers in portions of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Through Entergy-Koch, L.P., it is also a provider of wholesale energy marketing and trading services.

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