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Engie mulls shutdown of Australia coal-fired power plant

Franceࢀ™s Engie is reportedly mulling the closure of its Hazelwood brown coal-fired power plant in Victoria, Australia.

The 1.5 GW plant came online in 1971 and supplies 25 per cent of Victoriaࢀ™s baseload power capacity.

Isabelle Kocher, Engieࢀ™s CEO, said on Wednesday that the company is ࢀœstudying all possible scenarios, including closure, or a sale if the state of Victoria tells us that it cannot meet power generating needs without this plantࢀ.

Kocher said Engie plans to gradually decrease its coal-fired power production over the next few years as the firm transforms its business model from coal- and gas-fired power to renewables, energy services and decentralized energy technologies.

The firm intends to review its coal-fired power plants and shut down the oldest and least efficient, or convert them to biomass if viable.

In 2005, Hazelwood was listed as the OECDࢀ™s least carbon-efficient power plant in a report from WWF Australia.

Engie has already shut down 1.6 GW of coal-fired capacity in Europe, most recently its 1800 MW Polaniec coal-fired plant in Poland.

Kocher said that more efficient plants in developing countries would likely be sold rather than shut down. Earlier this year the company sold coal-fired plants in India and Indonesia, bringing the share of coal-fired power in its overall mix to around 10 per cent.

Image credit: SimpsonsFan66/Wikipedia