Engie has announced plans for its gas-fired power plants that will amount to 54 per cent of its Dutch fleet being closed by the end of this year.

Natural Gas Europe website reports that the company will close down two of its five 364 MW units in its gas-fired power plants in Eemshaven. Later in 2017 or begin 2018, it will also close down a third unit and also a 436 MW gas-fired unit in its plant in Lelystad.
The closure of the two units in Eemshaven on January 1 is final: the units that stop working at the end of 2017 will be mothballed. The existing 80-MW-plant in Bergum is only operating at peak demand moments.

The Eemshaven plant was built in 1996. Despite its relatively modernity, high flexibility and high efficiency, Engie does not expect structural change in the market to justify a mothballing. “We decided on a definitive shut down of two units instead of a temporary mothballing, because mothballing is very expensive, without any revenues,” says Engie-spokesman Michael Verheul. The energy company is going to examine whether it is possible to move the installations to other countries.

Lower electricity demand and the low price of coal has prompted the move.