Endesa outlines Latin American gas-fired and hydro power plant ambitions

Endesa Chile has unveiled a plan to develop 36 projects, amounting to 6300 MW of power in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

The board of directors are looking at gas-fired power and hydroelectric power, in particular, for the bulk of the new capacity.
Endesa sign
The company is planning to build 23 projects, with a total capacity of 3000MW, in Chile; 64 per cent of them hydro-based and 36 per cent natural gas-based.

Meanwhile projects planned to be developed in Peru, Colombia and Brazil will have a generation capacity of 3300 MW; 40 per cent of which will be hydro, 55 per cent gas and 5 per cent coal.

Over the next five years, the company plans to develop 3100 MW of power projects in Peru, Colombia and Brazil and 2,200MW of projects in Chile.

Endesa said in a statement: “Each new project will be approached with a methodology called Strategic Plan of Sustainable Development that includes propositions like early engagement with communities, permanent relationship with them and the implementation of creating shared value (CSV) plans in areas where the company is planning to locate projects.

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