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Segolene Royal to take over UN climate presidency

French Environment Minister Segolene Royal is to take over the presidency of the United Nations’ climate talks following the resignation of France’s former foreign minister Laurent Fabius.

Fabius ” who is to head France’s constitutional court ” chaired the successful COP21 climate talks in Paris in December.Segolene Royal

Now Royal will have the job of driving through the agreements made by the countries to reduce their carbon emissions.

Her tenure will last until November, when the next annual meeting of 195 nations on global warming will be held in Marrakech in Morocco.

Fabius said during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January that “political and technological maturity” were the reasons for success in Paris, and went on to pick out one particular technology that he stressed must be brought into play: “The rapid deployment of carbon capture and storage will be necessary on a massive scale to hold global warming.”

He added that “the costs of clean technology will come down, but investment must go up”.