Meeting the world’s rising energy demand with the current global energy mix would be “catastrophic” according to the director of the International Renewable Energy Council.

Adnan Amin said any move to meet demand with fossil-fuelled technology would “lock in pollution and climate change”.

Speaking on the opening day of POWER-GEN Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Amin said that what was needed was a shift to more renewable technologies and added that this was already happening.

Investment in renewables is booming,” he said. “More than 100 GW of capacity has been added every year for the past years.”

He said financing of renewable projects was getting cheaper because the perceived risks associated with ‘green’ technologies were dropping.

Amin was speaking during Russia Day, a special event which is part of POWER-GEN Middle East at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

He said that “Russia can play a very important role in the renewables story” and that the Federation has “vast potential” to embrace clean technologies.

Russia plans to derive 4 per cent of its power from renewables by 2020, which Amin said was “a viable target”. He added that if Russia – which has applied to join the International Renewable Energy Council – hit this target, it would displace six million tonnes of CO2 a year.