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Malaysia coal use to hit 40m tonnes a year

Malaysia is set to use 40 million tonnes of coal a year by 2020 to meet its energy demands.

This forecast was made by Zainudin bin Ibrahim, vice-president of generation at Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysiaࢀ™s biggest power company, at the opening of POWER-GEN Asia in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He said that the ࢀœforward momentumࢀ of the countryࢀ™s economy was pushing up energy demand, which last year rose by 3.8 per cent. Some 44.5 per cent of the Malaysian peninsulaࢀ™s energy supply comes from coal and this is only going to increase, as natural gas resources are depleting.

And he said that these statistics should be enough to drive home the need for a shift in energy strategy in the country. ࢀœIf ever there was a need for the industry to collaborate on the way forward, it is now.

ࢀœThere is a common interest to develop a modern power system that is smart and sustainable.ࢀ

Indeed, smart and sustainable are the key words driving what he called a ࢀœtransformationࢀ of TNBࢀ™s business, with the focus now on delivering only the most high-efficiency power plants, and he added that this transformation would enable the company ࢀ“ and the country ࢀ“ make ࢀœa quantum leapࢀ into a modern power mix.

POWER-GEN Asia is part of ASEAN Power Week, which also hosts Renewable Energy World Asia.

Video: News Daily from the first day of POWER-GEN Asia: https://bit.ly/1uJn4AX