9 August 2010 – Together with Poland-based construction company Energomontaz Polnoc (EMP), Hitachi has won an order to supply denitrification equipment from Vattenfall Heat Poland for the No. 10, 11, 14 and 15 units of the Siekierki CHP plant.

 The denitrification equipment removes nitrous oxide (NOx) from flue gas.
The equipment is the first to be supplied under a denitrification equipment contract to a Polish power company.
European countries have decided to tighten regulations governing emissions of NOx and oxides of sulphur (SOx) from thermal power plants from January 2016. Consequently, power companies in several European countries are now taking steps to add denitrification and desulfurization equipment to their power plants.
Hitachi has been manufacturing denitrification and desulfurization equipment since the 1960s at its subsidiary Babcock-Hitachi KK.
The Siekierki CHP plant is located in the southwestern part of Warsaw. The coal-fired plant generates a total of 620 MWe of electricity and supplies 2000 MWth of heat, around two-thirds of this is supplied by the four units in question.
Hitachi believes that this first-ever order for denitrification equipment from a Polish power company recognizes the outstanding performance of its DeNOx catalysts and its track record supplying desulfurization equipment in Poland.
Babcock-Hitachi will design the denitrification equipment, manufacture and supply the major equipment, serve as project manager and conduct trial operations.
Meanwhile, EMP will be responsible for civil engineering and installation work as well as for manufacturing some equipment.