EDF mulls new gas-fired power plant in UK Midlands

EDF is considering the development of a new 299 MW gas-fired power plant beside one of its existing plants at West Burton in Nottinghamshire.

The move would be welcomed by the UK government who are attempting to offset a potential future supply gap, as ageing power plants continue to be replaced.
West Burton gas-fired power plant
Britain needs to invest in new generation to replace aging coal and nuclear plants set to close in the 2020s.

“EDF Energy is examining the possibility of constructing a small gas-fired power station … on land adjacent to the existing power stations at West Burton in Nottinghamshire,” a spokeswoman for EDF Energy told Reuters, adding that it would consult with the local community on the plans over the next few months, but did not give a time frame on when a decision would be made or how long the plant would take to build.

EDF already owns the 2000 megawatt (MW) West Burton A coal-fired power plant and the 1500 MW West Burton B gas-fired power plant at the Nottinghamshire site.

“If the (gas) power station was to go ahead it would be ideally suited to provide generation at times of peak demand,” the spokeswoman said.

The growth of intermittent renewable electricity production in Britain means the country needs more flexible generation which can ramp up quickly when demand is high.

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