Deloitte and ProCom in power plant optimization pact

Global consulting company Deloitte and German consultancy ProCom are to offer joint services for power plant optimization in the European energy market.

Deloitte’s Czech Republic team based in Prague will work with customers to “analyze the actualities of the market and its operations, advise on the design of the optimization solution and support the adaptation of business processes”.Deloitte and ProCom in power plant optimization pact

ProCom will be responsible for the integration of software modules as required, for example for simplified electricity trading.

ProCom also provides support when creating the model, which is the basis of the forecasting and optimization and which simulates the plant facilities, delivery commitments and other constraints.

The Aachen-based company is also responsible for the integration of the products into the customer’s corporate IT environment.

Deloitte said: “For operators of power plants, optimization means that their facilities can be used more economically and they as operators benefit from greater transparency over the operating status and financial success of their assets.

“The aim of optimization is to provide improved marketing of their flexibility in the long and medium-term electricity trading market or in the day-ahead and intra-day sector.”

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