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Czechs to take over significant UK power plant

Prague-based EPH is poised to take over Eggborough power plant in the UK, subject to approval at EU level.

The 2 GW plant, which is embroiled in a row between government and ownership connected with biomass conversion subsidies, provides 4 per cent of the UK‘s total power capacity.
The company had applied for funding under the Final Investment Decision Enabling for Renewables scheme to convert the station from coal-fired power to biomass. But changes in the subsidy regime in 2013 led to the project no longer being eligible for Government support.

Condemning that decision owners Eggborough Power said it had done all it could to meet the subsidies requirements, but had then been “slapped in the face by floundering Government’s energy policies”.

Daniel Kretinsky, chairman of EPH, told Reuters that the biomass conversion would not be possible without subsidies. à‚ “Should the government support be in place, the conversion to biomass is clearly a compelling option,” he said.

He added that EPH plans to keep the existing units operational as long as it is “economically viable”.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.