Czech utility submits offer for Vattenfall’s German power assets

The Czech Republic’s largest utility has submitted a non-binding offer to acquire Vattenfall’s German brown coal and hydroelectric power plants.

Prague Post quotes à„Å’EZ spokeswoman Barbora Pà…¯lpàƒ¡novàƒ¡ as saying, “In Europe where coal is still crucial for the overall energy supply, à„Å’EZ has extensive know-how in operation of conventional power plants and of lignite mining, as a bridge technology to more renewable energy sources,” Pà…¯lpàƒ¡novàƒ¡ aid in a press release.
Schwarze Pumpe coal power plant
Sweden-based Vattenfall announced in September that it was selling its German lignite (brown coal) and relate assets as the company was more on renewable energy sources.

à„Å’EZ declined to divulge more information citing confidentiality agreement but the sale would include four power plants, five mines and 10 hydroelectric plants.

The power plants are Boxberg, Jàƒ¤nschwalde, Schwarze Pumpe, and Lippendorf Unit R.

Mines in the packing are Jàƒ¤nschwalde, Nochten, Reichwalde, Welzow-Sàƒ¼d, and Cottbus Nord.

The 10 hydroelectric plants cannot be sold separately, without the lignite assets.

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