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Czech plans for new gas-fired heating capacity

National champion utility group à„Å’EZ has approved plans to develop a new gas-fired 800 MW combined cycle power plant at Mà„›lnàƒ­k in the Czech Republic that will also be used to supply district heat.

The intent of this project is to build a power plant which will be also ready to replace the output of the coal-fired sources situated in this location and approaching the end of their useful life in the near future.

At present, à„Å’EZ runs three coal-fired units in the location, two with the output of 110 MW and one with the output of 500 MW. The current units will be gradually shut down in the period after 2015.

The location is very suitable for construction of a gas-steam source since it has all necessary infrastructure, including access to the gas transmission system.

The new power plant will be able to operate in all modes ” peak, semi-peak and base load ” and will be also very convenient for supply of attractively priced heat for Prague and Mà„›lnàƒ­k after the current coal-fired plants come to the end of their useful life, the company says.