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Country co-operation vital to revive Europeࢀ™s power sector

Investment in the European power market is flat-lining and the only way for the region to pull itself out of this mire is for cross-state co-operation.

That was the message from the speakers at yesterdayࢀ™s Keynote conference session which opened POWER-Gen Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe.

The European energy crisis ࢀœdoes not know national boundariesࢀ said Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austriaࢀ™s Federal Minister for Economy, Family and Youth.

This sentiment was echoed by Turkeyࢀ™s Deputy Energy Minister Hasan Murat Mercan: ࢀœNo country is independent in the field of energy. No country can deal with the problems on its own.ࢀ

Mr Mitterlehner highlighted the seriousness of a landscape that is seeing ࢀœgas plants shut down and coal plants running on full throttleࢀ.

ࢀœThe situation is extremely serious and corrective action is needed,ࢀ he added.

And he warned that without that action, the consequences for Europe would be dire: ࢀœWithout industry we have unemployment and Europe will be unable to keep up with international competitors.ࢀ

Russiaࢀ™s Deputy Energy Minister Yury Sentyurin highlighted the energy co-operation programmes his country was working on with Norway, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, while Marc Hall, Director for Energy at Wiener Stadtwerke stressed that co-operation was vital because there was no one-fit solution to Europeࢀ™s energy woes.

Phillipe Cochet, President of Alstom (Euronext:à‚ ALO) Thermal Power, presented a view on the energy crisis from the perspective of an equipment manufacturer, and stressed that ࢀœno two nations faced the same challengesࢀ and urged policymakers to ࢀœurgently workࢀ of a framework to bring together ࢀ“ and in turn invigorate ࢀ“ the industry, and pressed them to ࢀœdo it fastࢀ.

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