Coal still king in the UK

A study carried out by data analyst EnAppSys has found that the UK is still dependent on coal-fired power for the majority of its power.

Coal-fired power plants generated 34 per cent of the UK‘s electricity in the six-month period ending in March 2014.

The study shows that the figure remains well ahead of gas and nuclear power generation, despite the closure of coal-fired power stations over the past 18 months.
Drax coal power plant
The report also said increasing levels of energy efficiency contributed to a reduction in power generation of more than 6 per cent, although this was also combined with a mild winter.

Gas-fired power stations generated 23% of the UK’s power during the study period, with 21% provided by nuclear.

Wind power generated 10%, a rise of 58%, showing the increasing importance of renewable energy in reducing dependency on traditional means.

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