Coal decommissioning market to reach $5.3bn

Greater environmental regulations and increasingly competitive renewable energy generation will lead to a surge in growth in power plant decommissioning in the coal-fired power sector in Europe and the US.

A reportà‚ predicts that the market for demolition and environmental remediation services is set to expand as EU and US shut coal plants, reaching $5.3bn between 2013 and 2020, as a result of continuing plant closures.

The new research from analyst firm Navigant Research predicts that the “coming wave of retirements offers significant opportunities to the companies that will carry out the decommissioning processes”.

The report estimates the market for decommissioning in Europe and the US will grow from $455m in 2013 to $1.3bn in 2016, before declining rapidly as the current fleet of ageing plants are closed.

The largest sector of the market is expected to focus on environmental remediation, which Navigant said will typically prove more complex and costly than demolition, the costs of which will be partially offset by the value of the scrap materials that are collected.

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