Clyde Bergemann in coal-to-biomass conversion deal

Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling has won a contract for the supply of 12 biomass pellet feed systems for a former UK coal plant that is being converted to run on biomass.

After 43 years of operation, the 420 MW Lynemouth Power Station burnt its last coal in December and is scheduled to reopen running on wood pellets in 2018.Lynemouth power station

Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling, part of the global Clyde Bergemann Power Group, will deliver the pneumatic conveying system for the biomass feedstock.

The company said that the feed system technology is not only designed for wood pellets but can also cater for a range of fuels from coal to waste-derived fuels.

Clyde Bergemann’s system will move the wood pellets from three silos to the inlet of the fuel mills, which are located ” depending on the boiler ” between 80 m and 200 m away.

Read our feature on the Lynemouth coal-to-biomass conversion here.



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