An energy consultancy has estimated the cost of closing the Netherlands five coal-fired power plants by 2020 will be around $3.67bn (EUR3.3bn).

Energy specialist consultancy Spring Associates have produced a report that provides the data. According to NL Times, quoting Financieele Dagblad, consumers will note a 14 euro increase in the average household’s annual energy bill as a result of the closure costs.
Amer coal-fired power plant Netherlands
The report states the the five coal plants together are worth about EUR3.7bn, significantly lower than what was invested in them.

“If all the coal plants are required to close from 2020, there is still EUR400m in value left. The loss of value in this case is EUR3.3bn”, states the report. “The EUR400m in residual values lies in, among other things, tax benefits when plants are depreciated too quickly.”

The Netherlands is faced with a number of climate and emissions targets and the closure of coal-fired generation is seen as a means of assisting to meet those goals.

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