UK carbon capture group report on lessons learned

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) this week launched a report entitled “Lessons Learned ” Lessons and Evidence Derived from UK CCS Programmes, 2008 ” 2015“. The association has also made reference to the uncertainty for the industry as a result of ‘Brexit’.

Particularly focusing on the recent CCS Competition, which was cancelled in November 2015, the report sets out 36 key lessons for industry and policy makers.
These lessons are based on interviews with the two preferred bidders; the Shell Peterhead project and the Capture Power White Rose project, as well as interviews with a number of other companies interested in developing CCS projects.

The report highlights that there were no technical barriers to delivery but that any future CCS programme will have to address a number of outstanding commercial challenges. The report also clearly shows that CCS has significant potential for rapid cost reduction.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the CCSA told Power Engineering International there is uncertainty associated with the decision by the UK to leave the European Union.

“We simply don’t know what the impact of Brexit will be on CCS,” Judith Shapiro said. “At present, a number of projects that have benefitted from EU funding and so there is a question over the status of this funding and what the opportunities would be to secure future funding from EU for CCS in the UK.”

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