Germany’s Economy Minister has admitted that the government may have to revisit original targets for shifting the source of its electricity supply, potentially impacting on the country’s commitment to bolster renewable energy.

Philipp Roesler
Economy Minister Philipp Roesler told Bild newspaper that Germany may readjust targets linked to the plan to exit nuclear energy-generation by 2022 if jobs are threatened.

Bloomberg reports that Mr Roesler’s comments followed on from Environment Minister Peter Altmaier telling the same publication that Germany may fail to reach a goal to cut power consumption by 10 per cent by 2020.

Factored into further evidence of a probable re-evaluation is Chancellor Angela Merkel stating that Germany will most likely not use carbon capture and storage facilities as a means of meeting renewable goals.

Merkel said July 14 that Germany probably won’t use carbon capture and storage facilities after passing the required bill in parliament.

Overhauling the energy mix while making sure it remains secure, affordable and environmentally friendly “is not an easy path,” Merkel said this week in Berlin.

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