Cieslik elected president of EURACOAL

Dr. Wolfgang Cieslik, member of the Board of Management of STEAG GmbH, has been unanimously elected president of the European Coal and Lignite Association, EURACOAL.

In a congratulatory speech following his election, the EURACOAL Secretary-General said, “Especially in this critical phase of power generation from coal, we need a strong voice in Europe, convincingly promoting the use of coal and lignite in the production of electricity and steel to the EU institutions in Brussels.”
Wolfgang Cieslik
Cieslik, who is also Chairman of the Coal Importers’ Association (VDKi), takes on the presidency from Dr. Zygmunt à…ukaszczyk, Chairman of the Board of Katowicki Holding Wà„â„¢glowy S.A., one of the three largest Polish coal mining companies.

The new president spoke at the ceremony on Monday about coal’s current role in an evolving power generation scene.

“The Paris Agreement on climate first and foremost demands that we view energy policy in a new way: we have to think and act internationally more than ever before. The future indisputably belongs to energy from low-carbon sources. But coal is, and will for a long time remain, extremely important for security of supply and the future of energy in Europe. That is why we have to treat our coal mines, our secure coal imports and our coal-fired power plants with care.”

Also at its executive meeting on Monday, EURACOAL members and invited guests appreciated a presentation of the International Energy Agency’s Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2015 by Mr. Keisuke Sadamori, Director of Energy Markets and Security at the Paris-based IEA. He said that coal would remain an important part of the global energy mix, showing an annual demand growth of 0.8% to 2020.

Although coal-fired power generation in the EU will likely decline by 1.5 per cent per year, this pales in comparison with the expected growth in Asia.

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