China’s largest wind-power generator to blow into Xinjiang


(7 December 2000) China’s largest wind-power generator in China, funded by the loan from the Asia Development Bank, is expected to be set up soon in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

According to the China Electricity Council, Xinjiang Power Co.’s “Feasibility Study on the Establishment of the Third Dabancheng Wind Power Plant Funded by the Asia Development Bank Loan” has been inspected and approved by government authorities. The installation’s generating capacity is expected to hit 200,000 kilowatts, ranking first in China’s wind-power electricity industry, reported Zhongguo Xinwen She ( China News Service ) on Dec. 4.

Dabancheng area is in the center of the trunk electricity grid of Urumchi, the capital of Xinjiang. Xinjiang Wind Power Co., which was set up after a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions, has 111 generating units with a combined capacity of 57,500 kilowatts. Another 61 generation units, with a combined capacity of 31,500 kilowatts, are expected to start operation by mid-2001.

A total of 290.15 million renminbi (US$35.08 million) is expected to be poured into the first phase of the proposed wind-power plant while 600 kilowatts single-generation units will be installed. After the first phase is completed, generation capacity will reach 30,000 kilowatts, the article said.

After finishing the project, an annual 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity will be transmitted through the Urumchi electricity grid, which is expected to save 4 million tons of coal and decrease soot and ash discharge by 65 million tons annually, the article said.

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