9 September 2002 – The Chinese government has slated a number small coal fired power stations for closure – part of a programme of changes aimed at revamping its electricity sector

China’s government has ordered the closure of several small, coal-fired power plants totalling 1,854 megawatts in generating capacity, as part of its ongoing efforts to revamp the electricity sector.

The order by the State Economic and Trade Commission involves power stations with total capacity of 1854 MW. The Commission made public its decision to close the plats Monday although the order dates back to 15 August.

All of the plants on the commission’s list are less than 50 MW in size, and many of them were built in the 1950s and 1960s. The government has for several years encouraged the closure of such plants, which tend to be less efficient and more polluting than larger and newer ones.

The plants slated for closure are run either by local governments or State Power Corp., the state-owned utility that owns about half of China’s power plants and manages the nation’s electricity grids.

The commission’s order didn’t give a deadline for the closures, but did note that some of the plants on the list will reopen after technical improvements.