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China’s nuclear power revival on course

China is set to meet its target total installed nuclear capacity of 58 GW, according to an official from the China Atomic Energy Authority.

The country is championing nuclear as part of an overall strategy to reduce dependency on coal-fired power generation.

Xu Dazhe, the chairman of the China Atomic Energy Authority, told reporters that China now had 30 reactors in operation, with a total capacity of 28.3 GW. Another 24 units are now under construction, with a total capacity of 26.7 GW, following the approval of eight new reactors last year, Xu said.
China nuclear control room plant launch
“At this speed, the targets to put 58 GW into operation and have another 30 GW under construction by 2020 are still within our plans,” he said at a briefing on nuclear safety.

China suspended new reactor approvals and launched a nationwide inspection of all its nuclear projects in 2011 following Japan’s Fukushima incident, but approvals have now resumed.

The country is also aiming to become a leading global reactor builder, and has signed preliminary agreements with countries such as Argentina and Romania to export technology, including its flagship “Hualong I” reactor design. It is also set to help finance Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear power project after signing a deal with France’s EDF last year.

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