PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 18, 2000 (Access Czech Republic Business Bulletin) —The CEZ power firm will increase the share of electricity produced by nuclear power stations to 31% in 2003.

This share in CEZ’s available output was 17% in 2000. A reason for the growth is the commissioning of the Temelin Nuclear Power Station (TNPS). TNPS’s first reactor was started on 11 Oct 2000. The reactor could be connected to the network under a 30% output in Nov or Dec 2000.

The reactor will start to utilize its full output in the spring of 2001. Its commercial operation should be started four weeks after the start of its full operation. CEZ expects the available output of its power stations to increase to 12,150 MW in 2003 compared to 10,150 MW in 2000.

The available output of the firm’s nuclear power stations should increase to 3,766 MW in 2003 compared to 1,725 MW in 2000. The share of electricity produced by CEZ’s desulphurized coal power stations will decrease by 10% to 54% in 2003 compared to 2000. The share of electricity from its hydro-electric power plants will decrease from 19% to 15% after TNPS is commissioned.

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