Capgemini report shows benefits of power plant digitization

A new report by Capgemini consultancy has found that digitizing coal and gas-fired power plants could cut costs by 27 per cent.

The report also found that, if power plant owners make the investment, digitization could reduce global emissions from power generation by 5 per cent before 2025.
Over the past five years, the 200 global utilities surveyed have invested an average of $330m (à‚£243m) in digitising their power plants ” continued investments will see one in five power plants going fully digital by 2025.

By that time, individual plants are expected to save an average of $21m (à‚£15.5m) each year.

As the price of renewable energy continues to fall, these savings will enable organisations with gas and coal-fired power plants to remain competitive and make them better equipped to keep up with clean power targets.

Perry Stoneman, Global Head of the Energy & Utilities sector at Capgemini, said: “Firms which choose to embrace the digital future of power production now will gain a greater competitive advantage, lower production costs and boost their brand reputation.”

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