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Britain’s CCS research centre awarded $7m funding

The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) has been awarded à‚£6.1m ($7.5m) by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The UKCCSRC said it will use the funding to ensure that CCS “will play an effective role in reducing net CO2 emissions while securing affordable and controllable electricity supplies, low carbon heat and competitive industries for the UK“.
UKCCS Research Centreà‚ 

Celia Yeung of the EPSRC said the centre had “taken great strides over the last few years and has done well strengthening relationships within the carbon capture and storage community, engaging with industrial stakeholders and policy makers, and has pursued high quality, novel research within the research area”.

The centre’s core activities are delivered by six of the UK’s leading CCS institutions: the British Geological Survey, the University of Cambridge, the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, the University of Nottingham, and the University of Sheffield.

Investigators from other partner institutions bring specialist knowledge to the team, including the universities of Manchester, Strathclyde, Cardiff and Cranfield.

Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC Director, said CCS “is an area where the UK has a long-term, strategic advantage and the new support will help make sure that our industries and consumers are able to see the benefits of this in the 2020s”.