Coal power generators, Drax are reaping the benefits of lower costs in producing power, while sales are on the rise.

In its trading update, the Yorkshire, England-based company announced that wholesale prices it was paying for coal were falling while it was selling energy at higher rates.

Drax coal power station

Drax said it had delivered a good operating performance while it was on track to hit forecasts for the full year, reports City AM.

Yorkshire-based Drax said its order book was also strong with the group’s sales for 2012 hitting 25.3 terawatts (TWh) and 14 TWh and 3.7 TWh for 2013 and 2014.

Drax said it was moving towards greener technology to create power, in line with the government’s push towards renewable and biomass energy.

The company said in a statement: “Drax is ready to transform itself into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator, but to do so we need an appropriate level of regulatory support, and to that end we look forward to the timely conclusion of the Government’s current review.”

Drax has six generators creating 4000 MW of energy, making it the largest coal fired power station in the UK.

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