Beijing has shut down the first of four coal-fired power plants scheduled for decommissioning as part of the city’s air pollution mitigation efforts.

Official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the Gaojing Thermal Power Plant’s six 100-MW units have now been shut down, while Beijing’s three other coal-fired power stations are planned to go offline by 2016.

The Gaojing plant (pictured) is 50 years old and was operated by state-owned power company China Datang Corporation.

To deal with its air pollution problem, Beijing aims to reduce its coal use by 2.6m tonnes this year and 9.2m tonnes by the end of 2016. As part of a five-year plan to promote clean energy use and reduce emissions, the city has set a coal consumption target of less than 10 million tonnes per year by 2017.

New gas-fired plants and imported power from other provinces are planned to compensate for the lost power, Xinhua said. Four new gas-fired plants are currently under construction in Beijing.