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Ankara sets import duty on coal for power generation

In a bid to reduce its energy import bill, the Turkish government has announced imposing an import duty of $15/mt on coal imported for use for power generation.

The government’s official state gazette stated the duty is being imposed to “reduce the negative effects of imports” on the Turkish economy.
Coal power plant
According to the announcement those exempt from the new duty are EU countries, members of the European Free Trade Association, Israel, the west Bank and Gaza, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia, Albania, Jordan, Chile, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, South Korea, Mauritius and Malaysia.

Platts reports that according to the latest data from Turkey’s state grid operator TEIAS, as of the end of June Turkey had 10 coal-fired power plants totalling 6,780 MW burning imported coal.

Data from Turkey’s energy regulator shows that a further nine plants totalling 6,540 MW have been licensed and are under development, while four more totalling 4,200 MW hold pre-licenses guaranteeing the issue of a full generating license once funding to develop the plant has been secured.

Applications have been made for further five plant totalling 3,800 MW.

In 2015 turkey imported 33.226 million mt of hard coal, according to Turkey’s state statistics office TUIK.

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