American Coal Council to receive award for greenhouse gas emissions reductions

Oct. 7, 2002 — The American Coal Council (ACC) will receive a World Environmental Improvement Award in recognition of the utility-coal industry’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ACC – a national trade association of coal suppliers, consumers and transporters – will accept the award in acknowledgement of the utility-coal industry’s achievement of positive environmental milestones through the use of fly ash in concrete products.

Fly ash is produced when coal is burned in power plants and can be used to replace a portion of the cement used in concrete. By displacing the cement, fly ash reduces the need for cement production – resulting in substantial reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

“More than a ton of carbon dioxide is emitted for each ton of cement that is produced,” said Raul A. Deju, president and chief operating officer of ISG Resources, the nation’s largest manager and marketer of fly ash and other coal combustion products. “Eliminating a ton of cement production saves enough energy to power an average American home for 27 days and reduces CO2 emissions by an amount equal to taking a car off the road for two months.”

ISG Resources is presenting the World Environmental Improvement Awards to fly ash producers and users across the country, recognizing those who have had the most significant impacts on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The award will be presented at ACC’s Annual Coal Market Strategies Conference, October 14-16 in Tucson, Arizona.

“The utility-coal industry continues to make great strides in contributing to the economic and environmental well being of our nation,” said Janet Gellici, ACC Executive Director. “Over the past three decades, coal use by electric utilities has risen 195 percent, while at the same time, air quality has improved significantly, with declines in coal plant emissions of SO2, NOx and particulate matter. Fly ash use is yet another example of the industry’s efforts to achieve positive environmental impacts.”

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The ACC is a business voice of the American utility-coal industry. The association is dedicated to advancing the development and utilization of American coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

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