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Air pollution technology shows promise after demonstration on Midwestern coal-fired unit

May 30, 2002 — Fuel-Tech N.V. recently announced significant progress toward additional implementation of its FUEL CHEMà‚® product line, specifically its proprietary Targeted-In-Furnace- Injection (TIFI) technology for the control of slagging and fouling in utility boilers, particularly those burning Western coals.

First, the previously announced demonstration of TIFI on a large, Midwestern unit firing Powder River Basin coal has successfully met “proof of technology” goals. The positive outcome of this demonstration has resulted in an order for a long-term optimization mode evaluation of the technology on this unit.

Also, orders have been received for design services on two additional units, one in the Western U.S. and the other in the Midwest. These units, which represent the fourth and fifth Western coal-fired units to implement TIFI, are expected to initiate chemical injection late summer or early fall of this year.

Steven C. Argabright, President and Chief Operating Officer of Fuel Tech, commented, “We continue to be extremely pleased by the ongoing progress in our FUEL CHEM business, where we’ve achieved increased market penetration over the past year. These orders reflect the momentum that we have gained as well as greater recognition among utility operators that our proprietary TIFI technology is a superior method for controlling slagging and fouling in boilers, especially those burning Western coals, including Powder River Basin coals.”

Argabright concluded, “We are very optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in this area of our operations and are taking the necessary steps to build upon the heightened interest that we are witnessing from customers in our targeted markets. We are confident that growing awareness of the benefits of our technologies, coupled with an expanded sales and marketing force, will allow us to achieve steady growth as we go forward.”

About Fuel-Tech N.V.
Fuel-Tech N.V. is a technology company engaged in the worldwide development, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art proprietary technologies for air pollution control, process optimization, and advanced engineering services.

The company’s NOx reduction processes, which include the NOxOUTà‚®, NOxOUT CASCADEà‚®, NOxOUT ULTRAà¢â€ž¢, Fuel Lean Gas Reburn (FLGRà¢â€ž¢) Rich Reagent Injection (RRI) and NOxOUT SCRà‚® technologies, have established Fuel-Tech N.V. as a provider of post combustion NOx control systems, which are installed on over 270 units worldwide.

New technologies that have grown out of the core NOx reduction business form the basis of the FUEL CHEMà¢â€ž¢ and Virtual Vantageà¢â€ž¢ businesses.
FUEL CHEM technology centers around the unique application of specialty chemicals to improve the performance of combustion units while the company’s Virtual Vantage business includes high-end visualization services and software that were developed as part of Fuel Tech’s sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling techniques utilized to predict the behavior of industrial processes.

The company’s Fuel Chem products are being applied to over 80 combustion units burning a variety of fuels. For more information, visit Fuel-Tech N.V.’s web site at https://fueltechnv.com.