ABB wins Ferrybridge decommissioning contract

ABB’s engineering and consultancy group has won a contract to support UK utility SSE with decommissioning and demolition work at Ferrybridge ‘C’ coal-fired power plant.

SSE closed Ferrybridge C in March this year after 50 years of service, stating that it was “no longer economical”. However in 2015 a multi-fuel plant burning waste and waste wood was opened next to Ferrybridge, which is in Yorkshire, England.

ABB has been appointed as the project Construction Design and Management Principal Designers, in addition to providing a range of specialist consultancy and engineering advice on decommissioning and demolition activities.

Matthew Capstick of ABB’s engineering and consultancy group said that “the size and scale of Ferrybridge, its strategic location near key infrastructure, and the continued presence of the multi-fuel waste-to-energy plants on the site all contribute to this being a potentially challenging project”.à‚ 

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