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ABB to play key role in new Chinese coal-fired power project

The Fengtai coal power plant on Chinaࢀ™s east coast is to integrate ABBࢀ™s Symphony Plus total plant automation technology as part of the plan to make it a ࢀ˜Coal-by-wireࢀ™ facility.

ࢀ˜Coal-by-wireࢀ™ is a term that entails turning coal into electricity and transmitting it directly from the mine where it is produced, instead of transporting it to power stations and then to consumption centers.
The plans involve the integration of coal and power production in the southern Anhui Province, from the giant Huainan coalfield. The power is then transmitted to neighbouring Zhejiang Province to meet the growing demand there.

Fengtai comprises four 600 MW generating units. Units 1 and 2 were commissioned in 2008. Phase II encompasses Units 3 and 4, which include two 660 MW USC (ultra-supercritical) power generators.

To ensure that the power gets to where it needs to go, ABB`s SymphonyTM Plus total plant automation system will play a key role. The solution covers the entire scope of plant operations, including modulation control, furnace safety supervision, data acquisition, electrical control, bypass control, selective catalytic reduction, flue gas desulfurization, and condensate polishing.

ABB will also supply HTS (Harmony Training Simulator), virtual controller-type software. This ࢀ˜virtual controllerࢀ™ software kit is used to create realistic simulations to facilitate operator and maintenance training.

Other than the investment factor, shipping coal creates transport congestion and other environmental problems. Transmitting electricity from the mine instead, where it is generated, is much more efficient.

This model is set to reduce the cost of power generation for provinces in east China, asw well as congestion and environmental impact.

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