2Co Energy Ltd., a British emissions-reduction company, have enlisted Foster Wheeler AG (FWLT) to work on its $7.9bn carbon-capture and storage project in northern England.

Foster Wheeler  Energy was appointed project management consultant for the $4.72bn power plant at the Don Valley project, 2Co said today in an e-mailed statement.

The planned 650 MW project in South Yorkshire will use carbon-capture technology to siphon away about 90 per cent of the plant’s emissions for storage underground.

The U.K. is touting the technology to meet emissions-cutting targets and says it will make $1.57bn pounds in funding available in a contest for new projects.

The power plant near the Hatfield coal mine with carbon- capture technology will cost $3.94bn.

The balance of the investment will cover the pipeline transporting the carbon-dioxide emissions for injection underground, work offshore and additional enhanced oil recovery, according to 2Co.

Work at the plant may begin in 2013, and operations in 2016, according to the statement.

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