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2100 MW coal plant to ease Zimbabwe’s energy strain

A joint venture aims to develop a coal mining facility and a 2100 MW coal-fired power plant in Zimbabwe, and help boost the country’s energy security in the process.

China Africa Sunlight Energy Ltd., a venture between Old Stone Investments Ltd. of Zimbabwe and Shandong Taishan Sunlight, will start with capacity to produce 300 MW by mid-2015 and raise this to 600 MW by the end of that year said.

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General Manager Charles Mugari told Bloomberg, “For our project to be fully operational, we are looking at five years. For the coal mining, we are looking at the end of next year. For power generation and coal mining we are planning to sink a billion dollars.”

China Africa Sunlight Energy is working to sell some of its electricity to ZESA Ltd., the state-owned power-generation company, Mugari added.

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